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Yesterday I wrote a post that said that this project is just getting started and while that’s true, I had a little extra time today so I started working on a new theme framework. I had already started on some code for the back-end of a theme framework sometime ago, but it just kind of got abandoned and forgotten about. That is until recently, and today I actually blew the dust off it and started moving things forward.

What’s done so far?

So far I have just been spending most of the time developing the back-end, getting all the actions, functions, and hooks defined and ready to use on the front-end templates. That has been taking quite a bit of time, and just a few weeks ago I discovered CSS frameworks and how wonderful and easy they can make things. So after this discovery I decided to go back and rewrite things so at least one of them was baked in from the start, yes that’s right I was only going to include one. However after thinking about this a little farther I came to the conclusion that not everybody would be a fan of one particular CSS framework so I decided that I would include as many as possible.

What did I get accomplished tonight?

Well as I mentioned earlier I just started working on this theme again, and after deciding that I should bake some CSS frameworks in, I started with that this evening. My personal favorite to work with is the Nine Sixty Grid System, so that’s the one I started adding support for. I only had about 3 hours to put towards this project tonight so I didn’t quite get everything in there yet, but even as a rough draft it looks fairly decent.

Here’s a sneak peak of what it looks like so far:

What’s next?

Once I get finished adding support for the 960gs I’ll start adding support for other CSS frameworks such as Blueprint CSSHTML5 boilerplate, and the 1140 CSS Grid.

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with this theme, I had in mind selling it right from the start, but lately I have started thinking about releasing it as open source somewhere, maybe on the WordPress theme directory or just as an open source project on some code hosting site. I have also started thinking about just releasing a barebones version for free, with the option to upgrade to the full blown version with all the bells and whistles. But one thing is for sure, if I don’t get this project finished I won’t be able to do anything with it at all. I better get back to work…