When it comes to learning how to paint with a paint-by-numbers canvas, one of the most common questions is what to expect when you first get started. Does it really work? Is it easy? Do you actually get a painting at the end?

And the answer is… yes! But there’s more to it than that. Yes, it works, but there are some tips and tricks to make your experience go smoothly. Yes, it’s easy, but creating your first painting takes you through a process that culminates in a beautiful piece of art. And, yes, you will get an actual painting at the end—but the real prize is how much you learn about yourself and your abilities along the way.

To help you better understand what your experience will be like when you first get started with our paint-by-number kits, we’ve put together this article to let you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.


What To Expect When You First Get Started


Painting by numbers may seem like a simple concept, but once you dive in, you’ll find that there’s quite a bit to learn. Here are some of the things that you should know before getting started:

1. It’s easy to get discouraged—but don’t give up! It might take some time to pick up momentum. Your first painting might look like nothing more than colored pixels at first, but soon enough, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture come into focus.

2. Painting by numbers takes time and patience—but it’s worth it! You won’t be able to finish an entire painting in one sitting (unless it’s really small), so take breaks instead of trying to power through it all at once.

3. There’s no right or wrong way to paint as long as you’re having fun! Some people prefer using thin brushes while others like thicker ones with more

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