The Seismic Slate WordPress theme has subdued colors which help to make it breath taking. Sticky “featured” post, clean lines, with easy to read fonts. It also supports six widgetized areas so you will be able to position your content just how you want it. Like to post pictures? No problem, Seismic Slate has that covered too. Seismic Slate theme supports custom image galleries so you can really show of your pictures.

  • Hiding menu
  • Custom Google Fonts
  • Custom image galleries

Don’t have much experience setting up a website? No problem, the Seismic Slate takes care of most everything for you.

Just a few mouse clicks and my site was ready to go.

Want Custom Fonts?

The Seismic Seismic Slate theme has you covered there too. It uses custom Google Fonts to really set things off (Currently there aren’t easily changeable).

“Hiding Menu”? No problem.

Prepare yourself to be amazed, upon scrolling down the page the menu will slide up underneath the header leaving only a thin strip visible. Hover over it and it will pop back out making site navigation a breeze.

Are you using Seismic Slate?

If you’re using Seismic Slate let us know what you think about it. Have something you would like to see built in? Let us know about it. Is there a feature you absolutely love? Let us know about it.

“I am extremely impressed with the theme quality, and would definitely use Seismic Themes again.”

– Dave